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Max Porcelli – Candy Love

Max Porcelli – Candy Love

Label: 989 Records

Release date: 08/06/2016

Catalog number: 989REC147


Candy Love
Max Porcelli
Tranky Funky
Max Porcelli
Couple Of Chords
Max Porcelli

Artist: Max Porcelli
Title: Candy Love
Genre: Funky House / House / Chillout / Leftfield
Label: 989Records


1 Candy Love | 2 Tranky Funky | 3 Couple Of Chords

Release Info:

Get FoOonky with the brand new Porcelli’s release Candy Love, Filtered House and Chill Out tunes included for a complete summer pack!

Early Support From:

Candy Love & Tranky Funky featured on CD Pool Global (UK)March 2016 / June 2016 Discs

Supported By

Joey Coyne (Solar Radio – UK), Flash Brothers (Frisky Radio / Di Fm), Dj Nori (Posivision Mag/Remix Mag/Msn Music J), Bart (Soul District Radio Show – CH),  Dj Craig C (Heaven600 Radio), Franco Bianco (Delat Fm Buenos Aires), Idea Radio (IT), James Topham (Cd Pool Urban e Global – UK), Mark Devlin (FM107.9 Oxford/ Black Sheep Maga, Maurizio Santi (RadioStudioOnline – IT), Neil Moore (HeavensGate / BFBS Radio – UK). Pete Simon (54house.fm), Rafy Nieves (Billboard DJ Reporter), Sean (Australian Broadcasting Media – AU), Steve “Butch” Jones (Something Global – UK)


David Boyce, Tomasz Gil, Kevin Slack, Julien Pagot-Lamarle, Johnathan Lewis, Scott McLellan, Jamie Daniels, Leho Valmas, Andy Woodall, Mark Jeffers, Petro Stoliarchuk, Tim Rudling, Cheryl Taylor


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