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Philip Whirlpool – Llena

Philip Whirlpool – Llena

Label: 989 Records

Release date: 2016-06-21

Catalog number: 989REC146


Philip Whirlpool
Comes To Loop
Philip Whirlpool

Artist: Philip Whirlpool
Title: Llena
Genre: Tech House / House / Tribal House
Label: 989Records


1 Llena | 2 Comes To Loop

Release Info:

Whirlpool’s groove is now back with two monsters Tribal House Tracks with a touch of latin inside, perfect for a summer dance floor on the sand! And not only!

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Marco Lys [Toolroom / Great Stuff – IT],Flash Brothers (Frisky Radio / Di Fm), Denis A [Club NEO/Diamonds Of Dance Music), Dj Nori (Posivision Mag/Remix Mag/Msn Music J, Idea Radio (IT), Lorenzo al Dino (7thdistrict – A), Mike Ivy Dj (Twisted Energy – UK), Mp Marcus (Ice Cold FM – UK), Neil Moore (HeavensGate / BFBS Radio – UK), Rafy Nieves (Billboard DJ Reporter), Sean (Australian Broadcasting Media – AU), Stacey Bowtell, Franco Bianco (Delat Fm – Buenos Aires) and more..

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