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989 Records Audio Mastering Services

Stereo Mastering

1 Single Stereo Track €30

Stem Mastering

Up to 6 Stems €60

EP Mastering

Up to 6 Tracks €169

Album Mastering

Up to 12 Tracks €269

Revisions €15 each

Whats' Included

Audio Editing

We prepare your track for the mastering service you choose.

Free Mixing Advice

We will advise you in case the mix has something that needs to be corrected in the mixing phase, before the mastering.

Audio Mastering

The final touch to your music, processed with hi-end analog and digital gears.

Fast Turnaround

You will receive your mastered stuff in the shortest time possible. In example, for a single stereo track, usually 1-5 business days.

What to Send

File Format

Sample Rate: Up to 96kHz
Bit Depth: up to 32 bit
Dry Audio: remove all effects in the stereo out bus

File Naming

Use Meaningful Track Naming (e.g. Stereo Out, Kick, Lead Vocal, Back Vocal 1, etc.)

Send Your Files

Use a classic file sharing service like We Transfer


Send us a track or more than one tracks that you like how they sound. We will use them as a reference for your master.

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